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Modern Housing

Property Law and Conveyancing

If you are buying, selling or leasing residential, commercial or retail property, you will need conveyancing and property law advice. 




Purchasing, selling and leasing property involves making a significant financial investment. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a first home buyer, seasoned investor or a developer, it is important that your property transaction is carried out diligently and efficiently to ensure that the process runs smoothly to minimise the risk of a dispute arising.


In purchasing or selling your property or leasing a premises, whether it be a residential property or commercial property, we can help you every step of the way. 


Property Law


Advice and guidance may be required in respect to, amongst other things, council obligations, development approvals, easements, caveats and mortgages. If you do not have clear guidance, there could be significant financial consequences and delays. 

This is particularly important when disputes arise, including disputes relating to council or other authorities, mortgages, caveats and other matters.  

Whether you are a seasoned developer/investor or an individual, we are able to assist you in respect to property disputes. We deal with property related matters expeditiously, as we appreciate that delays can be quite expensive. 


What we can do for you:-


  1. Advise you in relation to purchasing and selling property. 

  2. If you are a developer, act for you in off-the-plan sales.

  3. Advise you in relation to commercial and retail leases.

  4. Draft sales contracts, leases and other property agreements.

  5. Advise you in relation to structuring your purchase in a trust, special purpose vehicle or other appropriate structures.

  6. Advise you in relation to complex conveyancing transactions. 

  7. Advise you in relation to land subdivision.

  8. Advise you in relation to GST, stamp duty and land tax consequences of property transactions.

  9. Act for you in relation to property disputes, including issues arising from sales contracts, lease agreements, co-ownership and mortgages.

  10. Advise you and act for you in relation to disputes with Council, including development applications disputes and orders from Council. 

  11. Advise you in relation to strata disputes, including in relation to the payment of strata fees and property maintenance.

  12. Advise you in relation to caveats, easements and covenants and other property instruments affecting the use of your property.

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