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Debt Collection and Recovery

Companies and indiviudals engage in the exchange of goods and services for money each day. Generally, the contracts underlying the supply of those goods and services require payment to be made. This sometimes leads to situations where invoices are not paid for the goods or services rendered.


Cash flow is crucial to every business. Therefore, it is important that debts are recovered quickly and commercially to ensure that the business remains viable and able to meet its financial obligations. 

At the same time, you may consider that you are not liable for the invoices that have been issued to you for various reasons such as the goods supplied not being fit for purpose or the service not being provided to standard.

We can help navigate you through debt recovery claims regardless of whether you are owed money or you are being pursued for money. 


What we can do for you:


  1. Act for you in Court proceedings and take enforcement action to recover debts owed to you.

  2. Assist you in establishing internal processes to minimise the risk of unpaid debts and bad debts, such as processes to obtain personal guarantees and security for debt.

  3. Issue letters of demand to companies and individuals that owe debts to you and negotiate with them to reach a commercial settlement of the dispute.

  4. Issue Creditor’s Statutory Demands to companies that owe you debts.

  5. Issue Bankruptcy Notices to individuals that owe you debts.

  6. Defend you against debt recovery claims, including against any Creditor’s Statutory Demands or Bankruptcy Notices issued on you. 

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