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Corporate Advisory

Commercial relationships are commonly formed between individuals, businesses and companies for various purposes such as investing, expanding and lending. 


Commercial relationships, and structuring them, can be complex. Therefore, it is important that there are written agreements in place which detail the commercial relationship and which outline the parties’ duties and obligations. 


Existing agreements or corporate structures may sometimes need to be reviewed and restructured to ensure that your interests are protected. 


Whether you are an individual or a company, we can provide you with tailored corporate and commercial advice to help you achieve your objectives. 


What we can do for you:-


  1. Draft agreements tailored to your individual needs or your company’s needs, including contracts, deeds, licence agreements and trust deeds.

  2. Advise you in relation to existing agreements, options, structures, deeds, contracts, supply agreements, franchise agreements, and licence agreements.

  3. Advise you in relation to trust structures, corporate structures, and investment agreements.

  4. Advise you in relation to setting up trusts, companies, corporate structures, investment agreements and licencing agreements.

  5. Advise you in relation to, and draft, business sale and purchase agreements.

  6. Advise you in relation to financing and lending agreements. 

  7. Advise you in relation to, and draft, family trusts, unit trusts, bare trusts and discretionary trusts.

  8. Advise you in relation to restructuring existing entities.

  9. Advise you in relation to, and draft, debt and equity capital raising agreements.

  10. Advise you in relation to general corporate and structuring matters, including regulatory obligations.

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